February 19, 2018

G.O.P. Lawmakers Want Iranian Group Off Terrorism List

THE NEW YORK TIMES WASHINGTON — Republican legislators pressed the Obama administration on Wednesday to remove an Iranian opposition group known as the M.E.K. from its list of terrorist organizations and to do more to resettle about 3,400 members of the group who are confined in a camp in Iraq .   The lawmakers said Iraq ’s close ties to Iran put the residents of the camp, Camp Ashraf , in danger, pointing to two incursions by Iraqi security forces that left dozens of people dead. And they demanded that the administration commit to guaranteeing the safety of the camp’s residents as Iraq prepares to close it by the end of the year.   Representative Dana Rohrabacher, Republican of California, … [Read more...]

Iranian-Americans Launch Television Ad Campaign About Camp Ashraf, Iraq

PRNewswire BERKELEY, Calif., Dec. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The campaign to prevent another massacre at Camp Ashraf, Iraq, home to the 3,400 Iranian dissidents, at the hands of the Iraqi forces took a major step today with the launch of a television ad campaign running in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in the days leading up to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's December 12th visit to the White House.   The advertising campaign hopes to make the public aware about the imminent danger facing unarmed men, women and children in Ashraf and to make sure that President Obama and Secretary Clinton intervene to resolve the situation peacefully and protect the residents. The ad, … [Read more...]

President Obama: Honor America’s Promise and Stop another massacre

(Click on the image to view the video) … [Read more...]

Mr. War Criminal Is Coming for a White House Handshake

SCOOP INDEPENDENT NEWS Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, under investigation by a Spanish court for war crimes against Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, is coming to Washington for a hand hake with President Obama at the White House. As his December 5 op-ed piece in the Washington Post shows, Maliki is visiting Washington to try to defuse the well-placed fears about Iraq, under his leadership, becoming a proxy state for Iran. And, again judging by his commentary in the Post, he feels behooved to justify, albeit ineffectively, his made-in-Tehran plans to either forcibly relocate Camp Ashraf residents to multiple detention centers in Iraq before extraditing them to Iran, or kill … [Read more...]

Rohrabacher presses State on future of Iranian exiles

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Wants terror label lifted as camp closing nears The Iraqi government is using the State Department’s terrorist designation of a group of Iranian dissidents as an excuse to crack down on the unarmed exiles in their camp north of Baghdad, a top Republican lawmaker said Tuesday. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee's subcommittee on oversight and investigations, said taking the group off the terrorism list would deprive the Iraqi government of this cover and expose it as a puppet of the theocratic regime in neighboring Iran. “The Iraqi government is kissing the bloody boots of the mullahs in Tehran,” Mr. Rohrabacher said. Mr. … [Read more...]

U.N. Wants Iraq to Extend Iranian Dissidents’ Camp Deadline

ASSOCIATED PRESS UNITED NATIONS –  Iraq should extend its Dec. 31 deadline for closing a camp of Iranian dissidents, and third-party nations should accept its residents for resettlement to prevent a violent standoff, the U.N. envoy for the country said Tuesday. Martin Kobler, the U.N. special representative, told the Security Council Tuesday that camp residents' lives must be protected and that their forced removal would be "ill-advised and unacceptable." Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has said Camp Ashraf, housing more than 3,000 members of the People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran, must be closed by year's end. Iraqi Ambassador to the U.N. Hamid Al-Bayati told the council his … [Read more...]

Iraq: UN calls for more time to resolve issue of camp residents

UN News Center United Nations – The United Nations envoy for Iraq today voiced concern over the situation in a camp housing several thousand Iranian exiles and urged the Iraqi Government to extend the deadline for closing down the settlement as efforts continue o find a peaceful solution that conforms with international law. Situated in the eastern Iraqi province of Diyala, Camp Ashraf houses members of a group known as the People’s Mojahedeen of Iran. The Iraqi Government has repeatedly stated its intention to close down the camp by 31 December and to transfer residents to another location until countries willing to accept them for resettlement are found. Residents want to remain in the … [Read more...]

Protection of Camp Ashraf must be US final act in Iraq

THE HILL The humanitarian issue of Camp Ashraf, home to 3,400 members of the Iranian opposition group, the Mujahedeen e Khalq (MEK), in Iraq has crossed party lines in the US, UK and EU as far right neo cons stand alongside democrats and liberals in support of defending an Iranian opposition group upon which there has been heated discussions. With an end of 2011 deadline set by Iraq to close the Camp, the issue will no doubt be a topic of serious discussion as Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki comes to Washington next week. As the government of Iraq sticks stubbornly to its determination to close Camp Ashraf by the end of this year and forcibly displace the residents inside Iraq, … [Read more...]

UN asks Iraq to extend dissident camp deadline

AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE The United Nations on Tuesday appealed to the Iraqi government to push back a December 31 deadline to close an Iranian dissident camp north of Baghdad, warning of a growing risk of violence. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also renewed appeals to the international community to find a home for the estimated 3,400 Iranian exiles at Camp Ashraf. Amid heightened international concerns, the UN envoy to Iraq, Martin Kobler, told the UN Security Council many "obstacles" remain to ending doubts over how to end the camp standoff. The positions of the residents and the government "remain far apart," Kobler told the 15-member council. There is "a real danger of confrontation … [Read more...]

Congress to hold hearing into US responsibility for Camp Ashraf

IRAN FOCUS Washington, Dec. 06 – Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle in the United States plan to hold a hearing on Wednesday into the responsibility of the State Department towards a camp of Iranian exiles in Iraq which is feared to come under attack by Iraqi forces as US forces leave the country by the end of the year. Camp Ashraf, home to some 3,400 members of Iran's main opposition movement Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI / MEK), was attacked in April by the Iraqi military, leaving 36 residents killed and hundreds injured. The MEK claims the attack was carried out at the behest of Iran. It was the second deadly assault on the camp. In July 2009, at least 11 residents were killed and 500 … [Read more...]