January 24, 2018

100 Members of Congress Urge Secretary Clinton to Delist Iran’s Main Opposition Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK)

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Sponsors of the Resolution include 22 Committee and Sub-Committee Chairs, 23 Committee and Sub-Committee Ranking Members (Click on the this link or the image below for the PDF version)   … [Read more...]

Clinton Under Pressure

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee this week pressed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on her failure to remove the Iranian resistance from the U.S. list of terrorist groups. They warned that the lives of more than 3,000 dissidents living in a camp in Iraq are in danger because of the State Department’s refusal to take them off the list. The Iraqi government has even used the list as an excuse to attack the unarmed dissidents, one committee member said. Rep. Ted Poe told Mrs. Clinton that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki last year cited the U.S. terrorist designation as a reason to refuse to allow a congressional delegation to visit the … [Read more...]


THE WASHINGTON TIMES More than 60 members of Congress and a human rights commission named for the only Holocaust survivor to serve in the House are urging President Obama to use his Monday meeting with the prime minister of Iraq to demand he protect Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf. The letters sent to the White House on Friday are the latest developments in a growing U.S. campaign to prevent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki from closing the former military base north of Baghdad by the end of this month. More than 3,400 Iranian exiles fear the Iraqi government will evict them from Camp Ashraf and deport many of them to Iran, where they face execution as opponents of the brutal theocratic … [Read more...]

Lawmakers, retired colonel voice support for Iranian exile group

STARS and STRIPES BAGHDAD — Lawmakers and former military officials called on the U.S. government to protect an Iranian exile group in Iraq facing resettlement by the end of the year, citing conflict with Iraqi security forces earlier this year that killed dozens of people. The hearing came in the wake of an intensive lobbying effort by former high-level U.S. government officials to have the Mujahedin-e Khalq, or MEK, removed from the State Department’s list of foreign terror groups. The 3,400 MEK members at the camp were friendly to U.S. forces who oversaw their settlement at Camp Ashraf until the U.S. relinquished control in 2009, former camp commander and retired Army Col. Wesley … [Read more...]

Rohrabacher presses State on future of Iranian exiles

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Wants terror label lifted as camp closing nears The Iraqi government is using the State Department’s terrorist designation of a group of Iranian dissidents as an excuse to crack down on the unarmed exiles in their camp north of Baghdad, a top Republican lawmaker said Tuesday. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee's subcommittee on oversight and investigations, said taking the group off the terrorism list would deprive the Iraqi government of this cover and expose it as a puppet of the theocratic regime in neighboring Iran. “The Iraqi government is kissing the bloody boots of the mullahs in Tehran,” Mr. Rohrabacher said. Mr. … [Read more...]

Congress to hold hearing into US responsibility for Camp Ashraf

IRAN FOCUS Washington, Dec. 06 – Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle in the United States plan to hold a hearing on Wednesday into the responsibility of the State Department towards a camp of Iranian exiles in Iraq which is feared to come under attack by Iraqi forces as US forces leave the country by the end of the year. Camp Ashraf, home to some 3,400 members of Iran's main opposition movement Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI / MEK), was attacked in April by the Iraqi military, leaving 36 residents killed and hundreds injured. The MEK claims the attack was carried out at the behest of Iran. It was the second deadly assault on the camp. In July 2009, at least 11 residents were killed and 500 … [Read more...]


THE WASHINGTON TIMES Two Republican senators are pressing Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to guarantee the safety of thousands of Iranian dissidents in Iraq, where the government is planning to evict them from a former military camp by the end of the year and possibly deport them to Iran, where they would be killed as terrorists.  Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina asked Mrs. Clinton in a recent letter how the United States can keep its promise to protect the 3,400 unarmed residents of Camp Ashraf after all U.S. forces withdraw from Iraq by Dec. 31.  “These individuals seek protection from the oppressive government in Iran and fear, with good … [Read more...]

Senate Committee Warns about Safety and Security of Camp Ashraf Residents

In a hearing in the U.S. Senate on Nov 15, 2011, attended by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, the leadership and members of the Committee on Armed Services expressed serious concern for the fate of the residents of Camp Ashraf once the Dec 31 deadline and the withdrawal of the U.S. forces comes about.  In a bipartisan mood, Senators Karl Levin, the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee (D-MI), John McCain (the ranking Republican from Arizona), Senator Bill Lindsey Graham (R- SC ), and Joseph Liberman (Independent-CO) all urged guarantees for the protection of Ashraf residents.   … [Read more...]

Tensions Mounting for Iranian Exiles Fearful of Another Massacre

 THE EPOCH TIMES High-profile former officials tell Secretary Clinton to take the MEK off the terrorist list WASHINGTON—When President Obama announced on Oct. 21 that all American combat troops would be out of Iraq by year’s end, no one in Iraq could be more impacted than the people residing in a little known refugee site called Camp Ashraf located 41 miles north of Bagdad, and 66 miles from the Iranian western border. With the U.S. pullout, these refugees are especially worried for their safety. “Whatever dwindling influence the U.S. Government still retains in Iraq, it will evaporate completely once American forces exit [Iraq],” said Ambassador Mitchell Reiss in Washington, Oct. 28, … [Read more...]

Policy, Human Rights Scholars Urge Congressional Action to Avert Massacre at Camp Ashraf after US Troop Withdrawal

PRNewswire WASHINGTON, Nov. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- At a briefing in the US Senate, entitled "US Troop Drawdown in Iraq: 50 Days to Impending Humanitarian Catastrophe at Camp Ashraf," Professor Ruth Wedgwood, Director of the International Law and Organizations Program of the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University; Professor Raymond Tanter, former Senior Staff on the National Security Council and President of Iran Policy Committee; Bruce McColm, former Executive Director of the Freedom House; and Colonel Wesley Martin, USA (Ret.), former senior anti-terrorism/force-protection officer for Coalition forces in Iraq and Commandant of Camp Ashraf, … [Read more...]