December 18, 2017

MEK FTO List Has Put Innocent Lives At Risk

My name is Hanif Hosseindost born in 1980 in Rasht in northern Iran.  All my family members are in Camp Ashraf. 
I was active in the student protests during Khatami’s presidential period in 1382.  In the universities, these protests ended in clashes between protesters and the Revolutionary Guards ( Pasdaran).  I was arrested and taken to the notorious Evin prison.  After months of psychological torture and interrogation, I was transferred to section 209.
From my early ages, I was always harassed and intimidated by Mullahs’ thugs, because I had relatives in Camp Ashraf.  After my arrest, monthly meetings were organized for my wife and I, to force us join a smear campaign against the MEK (PMOI Mujahedin) in different countries and poison public opinion. They told us they are enlisting families of Camp Ashraf to work in a massive campaign under supervision of the Mullahs Intelligence.
During this time, I was deprived of basic needs as a citizen. I was banned from education, the opportunity to work or even associate with other people. More than that, having no social status according to the Mullahs; I was not allowed to acquire the licence to set up my own business and make ends meet. Once in a while we were summoned and interrogated.

Most other people who had a similar situation were kept after being summoned for days on end, only to be bribed for money and released. Others were hanged; Jafar Kazemi and Haj Aghaii, or tortured to death; Mohsen Doghmechi and many are still in the dungeons.

The animosity of regime thugs and Bassijis against MEK supporters and families has been a known fact in the public. This fear is depicted through dozens of TV serials, programs and Political speeches each day slurring abuse against the MEK.

The simple reason for all the hardship we faced was that I had family members in Camp Ashraf and having been active against the Mullahs dictatorship in various humanitarian campaigns. I was unwilling to succumb to pressure. 
I was one of the protesters during the 2009 sham election protests which led to an uprising.  I was arrested and released on bail a number of times, since there were numerous attempts to buy and cow me. 

According to a number of witnesses, including my grandmother, on March 5, 2010, my brother was tricked into the woods in Gilan (a town in northern Rasht province) where he was subsequently lynched by Intelligence agents of the Mullahs.
His death was intended to intimidate and break down our resistance. They had tortured him out of shape before they had put the rope around his neck. This savage act was to send a clear message to anyone who dared speak out against the Velayat Fagih (one man representing God on Earth founded by Khomeini and ruled by Khamenei).

In no time, the whole town had found out through a huge psychological campaign led by the Mullahs to quash their sympathy towards my family.
I embarked to file a legal complaint against my brothers’ murderers, but  the remaining witnesses refrained from supporting my claim out of fear, including my own grandmother.

They continued to exert pressure on me to return to Iran and cooperate with the regime even when I had escaped.  The Iranian regime agents have so far carried out more than 450 assassinations of MEK supporters, families and members and other dissidents outside Iran.
With the hundreds of thousands and more like me, who have sacrificed for ”Freedom” it is now the US Secretary of State’s fair and just decision that could draw a red line between our butchers and us. 

For all of us who have had a hand in the 2009 protests and who make the basic girds of the social movement in Iran, one definite step is crucial: De-list the MEK that has been the main threat only to the butchers in Iran. 

We are those with firsthand experience of taming the Mullahs. It is time for the US to side with us.
My uncle, Saeed Chavoshi , was one of the 36 massacred on 8 April 2011. He was a kind, responsible, tolerant and loving uncle. However, the Iraqi’s pieced his heart with US provided bullets and crushed his friends to death with US Humvees.

I and many more in Iran could not understand where US humanitarian values stood with regards to this scene:

Accountability for neglected moral, ethical and International obligations on one side, elongating the decision to delist the MEK on the other will only embolden our killers in Iran and in Iraq.

My pregnant wife was kicked unconscious in Iran, and we lost a child not because the MEK is seeking regime change, but because the Mullahs have been given a wrong message by the FTO list, a blank cheque against dissidents.

The moral and ethical question is: Does the US endorse butchers and State terrorism and nuclear warmongers?

The legal question is: is the State Department above US law?

Other looming questions that boggle the mind and fuel ones impetus to strive for more “Rights” are: 

How many more scenes of loved ones butchered to death do we have to see?

Have you ever lived with the conscience of your brothers’ innocent hanging haunting you all the time?

Would you endorse such murders?

Are innocent lives important to you?

Would it matter for any of you, if you knew that taking one step would stop or at least limit all this bloodshed?

Is Human Rights betrayed? This is the question.
Dear Mrs. Clinton,

Millions in Iran have already chosen out of dire need for Freedom to support the MEK. This choice cannot be seen on websites or polls.

It will not be conveyed to you through Mullah Pundits posing as the movement in Iran; it is in our hearts until we obtain our rights .The same right bravely protected by US President Abraham Lincoln, who guided his country through the most devastating experience in its national history.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, we await your sincere decision. It is the right thing to de-list the “freedom movement.

Hanif Hosseindost, student activist and 2009 protester and also familly member of MEK, whos uncle was shot dead in Camp Ashraf by Iraqi troops. He has escaped a death penalty in Iran for having relatives in camp Ashraf.