December 15, 2017

DC Rally Draws Thousands Calling for MEK Delisting

WASHINGTON, DC - Thousands of Iranian-Americans from 41 states took part in a huge rally outside the State Department on August 26, 2011, urging Secretary Clinton to act swiftly and remove the principal Iranian opposition movement, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK) from the State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. … [Read more...]

My Message to Secretary Clinton, de-list the MEK

If ever there was a time for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to remove the main Iranian opposition group People's Mojahedin (MEK / PMOI) from the US list of terrorist organisations, today is that day. I attended a rally by thousands of Iranian-Americans today outside the State Department, where participants, young and old, urged Secretary Clinton to de-list the MEK as she has been ordered to do by the DC Court of Appeal. Thousands of MEK members have repeatedly come under deadly attack in their main base in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, by Iraqi armed forces at the behest of Iran's fundamentalist regime. Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri Maliki uses the terror label as an excuse to murder the … [Read more...]

Appeal to Secretary Clinton to delist the MEK

On Friday thousands of Iranians rallied outside the US State Department calling on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to immediately lift the terrorist designation of Iran’s main opposition group People’s Mojahedin (MEK/PMOI) and ensure US forces guarantee the protection of the group’s members in Camp Ashraf in Iraq. I joined them to announce the support of 500 British Parliamentarians from all parties and both Houses of Parliament, and a total of 4,000 lawmakers globally, for their just cause. I addressed the rally alongside my distinguished American colleagues including Louis Freeh, former Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation; Ed Rendell, former Governor of Pennsylvania; John … [Read more...]

Unshackle Iran’s main opposition

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Refusal to remove MEK’s terrorist designation betrays democracy With Iran reportedly making progress on its nuclear program, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has an opportunity to recognize an Iranian opposition group that is dedicated to democratic reform; has a secular, pro-Western outlook, and is most feared by the Iranian rulers. There’s only one catch: She must first remove the group from the U.S. list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO). Removing any group from the FTO list is never easy, as doing so inevitably runs the risk of being seen as soft on terrorism. But, if ever there were a case for so acting, it is with regard to a group known as … [Read more...]

Moment of truth for Iran

UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL WASHINGTON, Aug. 25 (UPI) -- The moment of truth is upon us. The Iranian regime has raised the nuclear stakes even while struggling under international sanctions. The regime has already begun transferring centrifuges to a secret facility deep inside the mountains some 90 miles south of Tehran as part of a plan to expand production of uranium enriched to more than 20 percent. And, this week it was revealed that North Korea has supplied Tehran with software that is instrumental in the development of nuclear explosives. All this is taking place as people in Libya have finally succeeded in unseating a 42-year-old dictatorship while the Syrian people are … [Read more...]

Members of Congress Voice Support for Rally to Urge Delisting of MEK

PRNewswire  WASHINGTON, Aug. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Members of Congress and senior former U.S. officials will voice support for a major rally by thousands of Iranian-Americans in solidarity with Iran's pro-democracy movement on Friday, August 26th, according to Human Rights and Democracy International. Congressman John Lewis (D-GA), one of the keynote speakers at the Martin Luther King Memorial ceremonies, and former U.S. officials, including Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, FBI Director Louis Freeh, Senator Robert Torricelli, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, CIA Deputy Director of Clandestine Operations John Sano, and Col. Wesley Martin (Ret.), who served as Camp Ashraf commander … [Read more...]

Secretary Clinton, it’s time to delist the PMOI

    In recent weeks a debate has flared in Washington over whether or not Secretary of State Clinton should remove Iran’s main opposition movement, the People’s Mujahidin Organisation of Iran (PMOI), from the State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organisations (FTO). The subject has been receiving exceptional attention in the media as we approach the anticipated decision in the next few weeks.  An outstanding group of US former officials and experts on national security as well as members of Congress from both sides of the aisle have called on Secretary Clinton to delist the PMOI. They simply argue that based on their personal experience and deep knowledge there is … [Read more...]

On MEK, Listen to Those who Care about America’s Security

Scoop Independent News Who cares more about the safety and security of America and the United States’ national security: The American military personnel who have served their country and put their lives on the line in Iraq or the pro-Tehran lobby in Washington with well-established political and financial ties to Iran’s leadership? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will soon be making a momentous decision about the removal of the Iranian opposition, Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), from the State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO). But has she taken note of what many American military officers, who have dealt with the group in person, sometimes for months, say about the … [Read more...]

America Must Keep Its Word

THE HUFFINGTON POST There has been a lot of talk lately about what losing the AAA credit rating means for America. But America's failure to keep its promise to the people of Camp Ashraf in Iraq also threatens to diminish our great country. Currently there are 3,400 Iranian opposition members known as the MEK who live in Iraq at Camp Ashraf, many of whom had family members imprisoned, tortured and executed by the Iranian Mullahs. Despite the fact that the MEK has renounced violence since 2001, some believe and promote the idea that the MEK is a terrorist organization. There are key facts, which have been obscured, omitted or ignored in recent articles written about these 3,400 unarmed … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Lift the ‘Terror Tag’ From Iranian Opposition Group MEK As a retired Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you could say I have a soft spot for a good crime story. Here’s one that would make anyone’s spine tingle: a secret U.S. government document emerges that asserts a friendly foreign organization is planning to conduct multiple terrorist attacks. Sounds like best-seller material. The only problem is that someone put this purely fictitious tale on the non-fiction shelf, with dangerous implications. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will soon announce a decision on a court-mandated review of the status of Iran’s main opposition movement, the Mujahedin-e-Khalq's (MEK). The group was classified as a “Foreign … [Read more...]