February 19, 2018

Washington Times: 42 Prominent Iranian Personalities Call for the Delisting of the PMOI/MEK

Condemn Smear Campaign against Iranian Opposition (Click on the image for the PDF version of the letter)   … [Read more...]

Why Tehran Cannot Stop Nuclear Enrichment

 OfficialWire.com Iran has posed the most serious nuclear challenge to the international community, and experts believe that it is only steps away from getting the nuclear weapons capability. Yet, international efforts have to date failed to stop the mullahs and evidence shows that they are carrying out secret work to further enrich uranium. It is also too clear that Tehran does not need nuclear energy. Iran is the second-largest crude producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) after Saudi Arabia. The country’s Deputy Oil Minister Ahmad Qalebani said that Iran's oil reserves has reached 155 billion barrels following the recent discovery of new onshore oil and … [Read more...]

Tehran’s Slick Way of Demonizing its Opponents

INTELLECTUAL CONSERVATIVE Barbara Slavin, who has been highly critical of the Iranian opposition organization MEK, has an awfully cozy relationship with the Iranian government. Barbara Slavin is proud to have maintained a close relationship with Iranian officials. In fact, one reason she has a claim on being an Iran expert is her “access” to such officials. Anyone with remote familiarity with the ruling theocracy in Iran knows that the high-ranking officials in national security and foreign affairs have previously held positions in the intelligence services and the Revolutionary Guards Corps. Barbara Slavin, as an “Iran expert,” knows well that the transition from the intelligence … [Read more...]

It could be another Srebrenica if MeK is not delisted

StopFundamentalism.com According to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iranian people don't want democracy of the Western kind.   They want Sharia law.   I know who would agree with him:  the taxi driver who, a few weeks ago, drove me from the Iranian resistance demonstration outside the State Department in Washington D. C.   "Iran is a free country," he said.   "The mullahs are good.   I've lived in Iran so I know."   When was that, I asked.   "In the Shah's time."   When the Shah died the Iranian people may have had reason to hope the mullahs would free them, but they were quickly disappointed, and there has been no improvement since.   To give just one example, … [Read more...]

Distinguishing between rumours and facts about the MEK

SCOOP INDEPENDENT NEWS As the terrorist label of an Iranian opposition group, the Mujahedin-e-khalq (MEK), is up for review by the U.S. State Department, many Iran regime lobbyists in the United States have devoted themselves to prevent the delisting of this organisation. Why these pressure groups and lobbyists have so much against an Iranian opposition group that strives for a democratic Iran at first seems strange. But if we take a close look at the policy suggestions of these pressure groups, such as NIAC, for futile appeasement of the brutal religious dictatorship in Iran, then we begin to understand the special interests involved, further accentuated by direct and indirect Iranian … [Read more...]

Iranian Political Prisoners: Don’t Mollify our Butchers!

INTELLECTUAL CONSERVATIVE Iranian political prisoner Sadegh Sistani from the Iranian opposition organization MEK recently escaped. His report? “Hundreds waiting in the gallows while the UN-US welcomes their butcher.”   As the motorcade of the Iranian President, Ahmadinejad moved towards the UN General Assembly for a predicted venomous speech and a mockery of World conscience, Iranian state-controlled media announced a new toll of death sentences for a group of 54 activists. The ruling Iranian regime is an oppressive one that mixes theocracy with autocracy and extreme expansionist ideology that continues to defy the international community. It has proven that it absolutely denies the … [Read more...]

Delisting MEK is good for Iran, the US, and the civilised family of nations

In regards to the legal issue of removal of the MEK (the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran) off the US list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO), numerous court rulings in the United Kingdom and the European Union well as the US Federal Court have laid down the legal grounds to delist the MEK. Let's now consider the moral and political grounds for delisting MEK. The pre-mediaeval tyranny ruling Iran not only is the No. One Clear and Present Danger to the Iranian nation and its neighbours, it's the foremost state-sponsor of terrorism globally having used its bought or set-up terrorist outposts throughout the Middle East and beyond to murder thousands of American, British, French … [Read more...]

EU names adviser to help resolve Camp Ashraf issue

REUTERS BRUSSELS - The European Union has named a senior Belgian diplomat to work with the United Nations, Iraq and others to help resolve the plight of more than 3,000 opponents of the Iranian government living at a camp in Iraq. Jean De Ruyt, a former Belgian ambassador to the EU, will act as an adviser to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton on Camp Ashraf, a spokesman for Ashton said on Monday. The camp, some 65 km (40 miles) from Baghdad, is the base of the People's Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI), which mounted attacks on Iran before the U.S.-led removal of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in 2003. The future of its more than 3,000 residents became uncertain after the … [Read more...]

EU joins bid to help end Iraqi Camp Ashraf standoff

AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has appointed an advisor to mull over the fate of thousands of outlawed Iranians facing expulsion from a camp in Iraq, their home for 30 years. A spokesman for Ashton said Monday that Jean De Ruyt, Belgium's former ambassador to the EU, will act in Brussels "as an advisor on the European Union's response" to Camp Ashraf, located near the border with Iran and home to some 3,400 Iranian dissidents. The camp, which has become a mounting international problem, has been in the spotlight since an April raid by Iraqi security left 34 dead and scores injured, triggering sharp condemnation. Iraq wants its closure by year's … [Read more...]

What Ahmadinejad Didn’t Say

THE HUFFINGTON POST Once again, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has used the United Nations podium to churn out his misinformation and half-truths. And once again, the American media accepted his invitation for a fancy luncheon afterwards, enabling a ruthless murderer to wage his not-so-charm offensive. Apparently, some media outlets just want Ahmadinejad to say something, anything, as long as they get their story. Has no one learned anything from the free passes provided to Ahmadinejad's allies, such as Moammar Qaddafi of Libya and Bashar Assad of Syria? Ahmadinejad allocated almost the entirety of his speech to just about anything unrelated to the clerical rulers of … [Read more...]