February 23, 2018

Andrew Card Calls for Delisting of MEK

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Wesley Clark Calls for Delisting of MEK

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Lee Hamilton Calls for Delisting of MEK

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Secretary Clinton, Delist MEK

Lives of 3400 Iranian dissidents in Iraq are threatened; Secretary Clinton should listen to the voice of distinguished and well-respected top American officials OfficialWire 12 August 2011 WASHINGTON, D.C. (USA) – A group of distinguished and well respected top American officials have spoken in support of delisting the Iranian opposition, Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK /PMOI), from the State Department FTO list. The campaign to counter the Iranian regime’s disinformation campaign to hamper the Iranian opposition seems to bother some lobby groups in Washington such as NIAC nowadays.  The efforts are aimed at securing the safety of 3400 unarmed individuals, including 1000 women, in Camp Ashraf … [Read more...]

U.S. Officials vs. Mullahs Apologists

Tehran lobbies are at work to discourage support of many former American officials of the MEK in their humanitarian quest to save Camp Ashraf residents from massacre Tehran lobbies, and apologists have recently been hard at work to use fictitious ” hypothesise,," ,ruled out by factualists in the “real” events of Iranian uprising and its follow ups. A round table of disillusioned pundits who try to imitate Gobble, master propagandist of the Nazi regime, forget that we live in the era of Democratic Gales, which judge mostly on “Deeds” and not “disenchanted absurd words and accusations." I never encountered “Bassiji” pundits in suits and cravats before escaping Iran. Reading … [Read more...]

James Woolsey Calls for Delisting of MEK

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The “Terror Lobby” List: A Response

THE HUFFINGTON POST What is an organization deemed by the US State Department to be dedicated to terrorism -- an FTO, or Foreign Terrorist Organization -- supposed to do when it believes the charge is spurious? Clearly, the consequences of such a determination are enormous because under federal law anyone providing as much as a nickel in support to an organization on the FTO list is subject to criminal penalties for aiding and abetting terrorism. So naturally, such an organization will try to do whatever it can to exercise its legitimate rights to correct the record, refute erroneous charges and seek de-listing. This burden to act is especially acute if an organization placed on the … [Read more...]

Tehran tries to shoot the messengers

The Washington Times August 10, 2011 By Zahra Sadeghpour Mullahs attack U.S. officials urging an end to opposition’s ‘terrorist’ status In the past few weeks, Washington has been abuzz with a heated debate over the main Iranian opposition, the People’s Mujahedeen Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). On the face of it, the debate is on removing the MEK from the list of the State Department’s foreign terrorist organizations – a decision that reportedly will be made soon by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. In reality, to delist or not to delist Tehran’s arch-opponents is the battleground for a more profound debate in Washington on how to deal with Iran’s mullahs. The … [Read more...]

Attempts to demonise supporters of Iranian resistance

The Financial Times August 10, 2011 From Lord Archer of Sandwell and Lord Fraser of Carmyllie Sir, Your article “Favourite ‘terrorists’ in US focus on lobbying” (July 30) and its complementary piece on FT.com, “Heavyweights back Iranian exile group”, repeat the Iranian regime’s stale allegations against the main organised opposition group People’s Mujahedin of Iran (Mujahedin-e-Khalq) and do a disservice to the Financial Times’ record of unbiased journalism. They are part of an effort by Iran’s intelligence ministry to demonise the supporters of the Iranian resistance. Some 22 courts in the UK, Europe and the US have ruled that the PMOI is not involved in terrorism; furthermore, the … [Read more...]

The clock is ticking

St. Louis Post Dispatch August 10, 2011 As U.S. troops prepare to leave Iraq by the end of this year, a humanitarian crisis is emerging that has a real chance of tarnishing President Obama’s legacy. More than 3,400 Iranian dissidents who reside in Camp Ashraf in Iraq face growing threats from a pro-Tehran Iraqi government bent on destroying them. That has been understandably worrisome for Iranian-Americans all over the United States, including the ones in Missouri, but the repercussions of their fate should concern all of us. In April, Iraqi troops raided the camp at the behest of the Iranian regime, murdering 36 defenseless civilian residents and injuring hundreds more. Sen. John … [Read more...]