February 23, 2018

Mrs. Rajavi calls on President Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to ensure the minimum guarantees for the relocation of Camp Ashraf residents to Camp Liberty

NCRI – The Iranian Resistance’s President-elect, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, while announcing that the residents of Ashraf were in principle prepared to relocate to Camp Liberty, appealed to President Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for their intervention and assistance so that the United States, the United Nations and the European Union support and endorse, and the Government of Iraq accept, the minimum guarantees for the residents’ security and well-being, in order to prevent the recurrence of violence and bloodshed until the residents are resettled in third countries.

Recalling that UNHCR has recognized the residents of Ashraf as “formally asylum-seekers under international law,” and that “international law requires that they must be able to benefit from basic protection of their security and well-being,” Mrs. Rajavi said that since the GOI has not accepted the protection of Ashraf residents at Camp Liberty by the U.S., the Blue Helmets, EU forces or even private U.S. security companies, the “minimums”, which draw the red line between forced and unlawful relocation and peaceful and voluntary solution and relocation, include the following:

– Permanent and independent U.S. and U.N. monitoring at Camp Liberty as a refugee camp with the UN flag and guaranteeing the safety of each and every one of the residents without exception from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty and from Camp Liberty to third countries;
– Ending the siege against, and halting any persecution and harassment of, the residents and their access to medical services and the right to visitation by their families and lawyers inside Camp Liberty;

– Iraqi forces shall not be present inside the Camp’s fenced area to ensure the security and tranquility, particularly for nearly 1,000 Muslim women, and to not interfere with the residents’ daily life; and

– Transfer of Ashraf residents to Camp Liberty with their vehicles and moveable property under UN, U.S. and EU monitoring and the selling of their fixed properties to be reimbursed to the residents to pay for their expenses.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 20, 2011