December 18, 2017

Iran, Mujahedin-e Khalq, and the US State Department

Originally published on At the end of June, the world watched as Iran test-fired 14 medium range missiles capable of reaching US and Israeli bases in the Middle East.  According to British Foreign Secretary William Hague, Iran has also been carrying out covert missile tests, “including testing of missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload.” In Syria, the Islamic Republic exercises its influence by assisting the worn-down Assad regime in brutally suppressing the Syrian people.  And in Iraq, we continue to see the hand of the Iranian regime in the ongoing violent insurgency, as well as in Maliki’s government. Tehran’s growing influence indicates a … [Read more...]

Delisting Iranian Opposition MEK, Measuring Change in US Policy on Iran A transatlantic rift in policy towards Iran seems to be closing rapidly as a momentum takes shape in different policy making circles in Washington to close the gap due to recent developments in North Africa and Middle East.  The momentum emanates from a call to reposition the West in support of newly forming democracies across the region, rather than the old approach of engaging tyrants for economic reasons and turning a blind eye on actions of governments towards their own people. Simply, the West wants to be on the right side of history as developments continue. A major shift, pivotal in realizing this policy change is considered to be the approach towards a leading … [Read more...]