February 23, 2018

Empower Iranian people for democratic change

Wednesday, 23 January 2008NCRI – Speaking to a meeting in Atlanta on Monday, January 21, Professor Raymond Tanter, president of the Iran Policy Committee said, "The most powerful tool the United States can use to put Tehran's rulers on alert that gross violations of human rights must end is to empower the Iranian people for democratic change.”“To this end, the United States should remove the terrorist designations of the main, democratic Iranian opposition groups. The evidence behind such designations is specious, and the hampering of the democratic opposition jeopardizes U.S. national security interests,” he reiterated.Speaking on Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Professor Tanter explained … [Read more...]

Council of Europe: POAC ruling on Mojahedin of Iran a slap in the face of UK government

Wednesday, 23 January 2008 Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly describes the ruling by POAC to de-proscribe the PMOI a slap in the face for HM Government and calls on member states to abide by orders handed down by the judicial institutions Maryam Rajavi said that the EU Council is defying the judicial and legislative institutions and called on member states not to allow the continuation of such a scandal and lawlessnessNCRI - In its session today, Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly adopted the draft report and resolution on the terrorist lists prepared by its Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights (CLAHR). Citing the report, the resolution reiterated that "The Council of the … [Read more...]

Terror label against Mojahedin of Iran, “disastrous” effect of the EU blacklisting

Press AssociationWednesday, 23 January 2008 By Geoff Meade, PA Europe editorBrussels - United Nations and European Union blacklists of terrorist suspects were condemned this afternoon as a violation of human rights and a threat to the credibility of the international fight against terrorism.The damning verdict from Europe's human rights watchdog, the Council of Europe, was coupled with demands for a review of UN and EU blacklisting procedures.The Council's Parliamentary Assembly, meeting in Strasbourg, backed a report attacking the methods used by the UN Security Council and the EU to blacklist individuals and groups suspected of having terrorist connections abuse basic rights and are … [Read more...]

The menace of the mullahs’ fundamentalism

Middle East TimesFriday, 11 January 2008By Ali SafaviIn 2007, the turmoil in Pakistan culminated in the gruesome assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on Dec. 27. Although the epicenter of this political tremor shook Pakistan, its ripple effect was quickly felt throughout the world.The incident was especially worrying because it demonstrated that, as the second most populous Muslim nation, Pakistan is seeing a sharp rise in Islamic fundamentalism. This trend has marred the country's political process in recent months with more bloodshed as a consequence. Aside from mounting concerns over the safety of Islamabad's nuclear stockpiles, the resulting violence has also tended to … [Read more...]

MEK sense: Lift ‘Terror’ Designation on Iranian Group

The Washington Times Since the theocratic regime of Ayatollah Khomeini seized power in 1979, and under Khomeini’s successors, Iran has consistently out-maneuvered the United States and our allies through a crafty combination of diplomatic manipulation; exploitation of commercial considerations; support for terrorists and kidnappers; the use of proxy agents in Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere; and, in recent years, playing the nuclear card.  Earlier this year, we were relieved to see the 15 British sailors and marines return home from their captivity in Iran unharmed. But it is shocking and galling that Iran managed to win a propaganda victory over the West through a brazen act of piracy on … [Read more...]

EU legislators oppose repression in Iran, group terror listing

VRT TelevisionSunday, 10 June 2007Belgium - A man is arrested in Tehran streets and is brutally tortured by masked men in public. The pictures are recorded using mobile phones and are smuggled out secretly by the supporters of the Iranian Resistance.The people who are exposing these violent acts of the Iranian regime are themselves listed as a terror organization. The Mojahedin-e-Khalq is the main opposition group active in Iran and has been listed in the terror list since 2002... Read More … [Read more...]

MEK must be removed from the List

Le Soir (Belgian Daily)Saturday, 09 June 2007Belgium - The EU Council is planning to keep MEK in the terrorist list again. It seems that the Council is not paying attention to the verdict of EU Court of Justice issued on December 12th which ruled in favor of Mojahedin. (The Council did not even appeal this verdict.)The Council has made up its mind a few months ago. A letter written by Christoph Heusgen, advisor to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Vice President of European Parliament Vidal-Quatras, states that there has been an unanimous agreement on this issue since last February. In February 2007, the Council reached an agreement that the reasons for the inclusion of Mojahedin in … [Read more...]

Is People’s Mojahedin Organization Terrorist?

Frankfurter Allgemeine ZeitungMonday June 4, 2007Danish Parliament has an EU Committee which investigated the EU Council of Minister’s decision on June 2nd. According to members of this committee ignoring the ruling of EU Court to remove People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) from the terrorist list is a disaster. Read More … [Read more...]

Drop Iranian opposition group from terror list: demonstrators

Canadian PressThursday, 19 April 2007OTTAWA - Several hundred chanting, flag-waving demonstrators paraded on Parliament Hill on Thursday, urging the government to drop an Iranian opposition group from the formal list of banned, terrorist organizations. The protesters, many of them Iranian emigres, said the PMOI, the People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran, offers secular opponents of the theocratic Iranian regime a political option for change. The group is banned by the government as part of a larger terrorist organization called Mujahedeen-e-Khalq or MEK. Raymonde Folco, a Liberal MP from north of Montreal who spoke to the group, said she believes the group was originally placed on the … [Read more...]

Iranian Resistance Group Challenges EU Terror Listing

Voice of America 10 May 2007An Iranian resistance group has gone to court to force the European Union to remove the organization from a terror blacklist and pay it $1.4 million in damages. At a news conference Thursday in Brussels, lawyers representing the People's Mujahadeen Organization of Iran complained that the EU continued to list the group as a terrorist organization, despite a court ruling annulling that designation. Read More … [Read more...]