January 24, 2018

Arab lawyers and jurists describe Ashraf Camp case as “genocide”

Aswat al-Iraq

BAGHDAD –  Three thousand Arab and Iraqi lawyers and jurists have described the “time-table” set for Ashraf Camp as “genocide.”

In a statement received by Aswat al-Iraq, issued at the end of a press conference held in Cairo by lawyers and jurists from Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, they said that “Iranis attempting to forcibly move them to other provinces to kill them at a later stage,” regarding ” the next step as a genocide against humanity.”

“Although the Iraqi government has given assurances, the fact is that the future holds a potential genocide,” the statement added.

It called on the Arab League to interfere and called on the Iraqi government to cancel its decision to expel the anti-Iranian Ashraf Camp residents, pending their transfer to a third country.

Ashraf Camp is the base for anti-Iranian Mujahidi Khalq, which is regarded by the US, Iraq and Iran as a terrorist organization, while the European Union removed it from its black list in 2009.

The 3,400 camp residents lack any official standing inIraq at time of Iraqi government threats to close it by the end of this year.